Big Mistake of Many Online Marketers – Promote Yourself, Then Business

What do you ask your self first, when you find or receive a really good product and I mean a good one. Who made this, who produce this, which firm, where can I get more of this? Exactly! You see if there wouldn’t be any name behind the product, what then? You had luck once and that’s it!

In online business it’s just the same. How to promote online to get higher rankings and more traffic…part of an answer is in big mistake that many online marketers do. They promote online business without promoting them self.

You have to promote your self first and build personal relationship with your subscribers. Show them all the benefits and solutions of any problem you can provide and remind them that you’re just like them from flash and blood, with your first and last name. Put your signature under every project or report you’ll ever write. This way you put your self in the same level as somebody that’s new in online business. He will grab your helping hand and will folow your directions as long as you want.

How to build proper relationship with your list, read in my other article ”be nice to your list”.

More signatures you leave around the web, bigger chances are that subscribers will remember your name and look for any additional information you may provide later on. So, personalize your online business as much as it’s possible and never forget to promote your self first. For example: big international companies like BMW didn’t build their trust and well known brand with sentence ” new 3 convertible is out”. The commercial is more like this:”engineers in BMW has managed to ..”, or ”new BMW is out”, or ”new BMW is right choice for you” and then goes bla, bla…and somewhere at the end of commercial you find out from the video and text that it’s all about new BMW 3 convertible. 90 % of commercial is about promoting them self and the rest is for products. And that ‘s how any commercial should look like.

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