How to Keep Selling at a High Level After Launch

I’ve always been told that, the hardest is not to reach the top, it’s all about maintaining the high performance.

As my life was going forward I realized that that’s true. It’s hard to do it well, but it’s even harder to maintain the level.

That got me thinking and it’s very similar when it comes to a sales campaign.

It’s relatively “easy” – note the quotation in between easy- to launch a product and make sales just right after the launch, but keeping -not the same level as it’s obviously impossible- a decent sales level is really pretty hard.

That’s what I thought I could use some of my experience and drop here some tips that may help you if you’re thinking about launching a product.

How to keep a decent sales level after the ‘launch boom’

First of all, the ‘launch boom’ is nothing but the initial buzz that comes when something new comes up. Everyone wants to check what’s all about with that innovative product everyone’s talking about right? Ok, that’s the ‘launch boom’.

That said, there’re some tips that can maintain a reasonable sales level and just convert that product into a great passive income source that will be there despite what you do or stop doing.

Although this does not guarantee anything, your chances will surely increase.

First tip: Use the tools you have around

This time, I would like to refer to us, bloggers, as a tool. There are thousands of bloggers out there, blogging in the same niche as you, some are more famous than others, but generally they all like to help -in fact, that’s one of the reasons why REAL bloggers create a blog, to help people- so you can always ask for help.

How should you proceed?

Contact a fellow blogger by only telling you’ve a product launched and you’ll like to check if she/he has a product too and whether there is a real option to combine both products to make a special price, just like a 2×1.

This is really like a “second launch” so you will have a second “launch boom”.

This effect will stay for a long time, as it will not only be exposed in front of your audience, but also in front of the other blogger’s readers.

Just don’t spam, as first, without sending any url or product, not even for a review unless the blogger asks for it.

Second tip: Offers

You can always create one big product, or two high level products. If you go for the second option, you can launch them spared in time and use the second product to leverage the first one, at the same time you leverage the second product thanks to the first one.

To sum up, it’s the first tip but without the cooperation of other bloggers. I did try this one and went well, so you may give it a shot.

Third tip: Bonus

If you haven’t got any other product to offer and got no luck getting other blogger’s help, you can always come with a typical discount that will surely get you a boost on your sales.

With bonus I mean anything, any freebie will come in handy.

Forth tip: Contests

The last method I come with is contest, but you must do it right.

The trick here is to offer a ticket for the draw, that means that actually, people is not only paying for your work, but for that ticket too, so the price must be a really high class price, else not only you will get no sales at all, but you will also look ridiculous.

So if you’re going to do it, do it right.

Fifth tip: Renewing

That’s important too.

You should always keep updating your product if new information comes up so this is up to you, but you can either offer free updates or charge a small fee for them.

I strongly recommend not to do it, but it’s a way I’ve seen working for some fellow bloggers, although I’ve never tried it.

My tip: If you’re gonna do it I’d recommend a big update with a small fee and not various small updates. It will definitely get you a bad image.

Thank you all for reading.