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Emje India metal converters (Manufacturers of Stockpots/Hotpots/non stick and all household kitchen items in pure stainless steel)EMJE was incorporated with the intention to manufacture, supply and export high quality innovative kitchenware products that offer convenience to the housewives, restaurants and hotels, with its safe and innovative daily use products. The Company’s zeal and determination soon paid off and it was acknowledged as one of the frontrunners that redefine the kitchenware industry.Making use of latest, new age technology with trendsetting Designs, we offer state of the art products that are matchless in quality and features and abreast to the changing international trends. By combining international and local marketing expertise and creative imagination, we deliver high quality products with unique designs and finishes.We make sure that each product is exclusively packed as per the changing trends that reflect fine craftsmanship and elegance that suit the aesthetic tastes of our clients all across the globe along while giving safety to the product. High quality products along with a wide range of variety, designs and quality are on top of our agenda. We are a one shop stop for Readymade & custom made range of Plastic & Stainless steel kitchenware & tableware products. Our Flagship products include Steel Stockpots Hotpots and plastic hotpots chairs, tables and a wide range of kitchenware, tableware and cutlery.EMJE has grown manifold in a short span and has notched the top rung in the select club of export oriented industries in the country. The company undertook the responsibility to manage the complex set up with its existing set up already functional and some important future addition plans to make it the best vertically integrated export oriented entity in the area.Stock pot is one of our most sought kitchenware:
Stockpot, as the name suggests is a pot that is used to prepare Soup Stocks, on slow fire and long hours. It is the most common type of cooking vessel used worldwide. It is used for cooking more complex recipes like mutton, chicken etc and other items that need long hours for cooking. The stockpot preserves nutrients, colours and flavors’ of the recipe. Stockpots are most preferred for making soups, broths, cooking stews, porridge, boiled shellfish, steam fish and various other recipes.Stockpots are adaptable and can be used for various other recipes. Large stockpots can be used for boiling clothes, bottles etc. Available in copper, stainless steel and enamels, most of them have bottoms made of different metals to enhance heat conductivity.We offer stockpot in a set of 7 pieces with approximate weight of 5kgs for each set. Sizes of each pot differ and our available sizes are: 2qt/4qt/6qt/8qt/12qt/16qt/18qt/20qt. (1 qt=0.9464 litre).We can supply 40 ft h cube container i.e. 2400 sets at a time in packing of 11.375×11.375×13.50. For Information Contact2004estd.
Company was launched in India in the summer of 2004 by the name of Smart Consortium.Stainless Steel Stock PotStainless Steel Stock Pot
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