Preparing a Successful Product Launch Strategy

Generally speaking, don’t expect to launch in less than 8 weeks and that assumes a top-notch dedicated team with a proven track record. Do this on the side, and you’re looking at 6 months, at least to launch.

In today’s fast moving market, your product will probably be irrelevant by that time.

Cover all of these issues and more to determine whether they are ready to launch and in what timeframe.

Compare the emails from as many launches as you can to see how many are being sent to the JV partners to send out. Each launch tends to take on its own personality and the main crux of this is the influence your launch host has.

Make sure you save the emails the launch owner asks you to send as it will provide insight to you on how you may ultimately communicate with your JV partner’s lists during your launch.

How often do they communicate with their JVs? Is there a JV blog and how often are results posted?

Be very wary of launches that post only relative results without actual sales numbers. This is usually a red flag that the sales are weak.

Get actively involved with the interaction your launch host provides. Pay particular attention to the tactics they use to build hype, communicate results and most importantly motivate you.

Do they use different communication between the general list, the opt-in list and the buyers list?

How often do they communicate with their JVs and when do they communicate?

What is the style of communication? Short and to the point or more storytelling?

Is video used and if so, how is it used? Are the videos selling or are they teaching or both? How long are the videos?

What is the payment plan for the affiliates? Are residual commissions paid? Are backend sales paid as well?

Are there contests and prizes?

Ask yourself how inspired you are to push your list for both optins and sales?

Are the prizes being offered motivating? Exciting? What’s the buzz about the prizes? You can use this to help you figure out how best to provide excitement and healthy competition in your launch.

The time to launch a product is when everybody’s about to talk about your product. By the time everybody’s talking about it and by the time you launch to take advantage of that buzz, it would already be too late.